The previous owner of this domain “Jean-Marc Anthony de Fague” has failed to keep this expired domain alive.
That gives me the opportunity to give you my personal and honest opinion on this “internet marketing scammer”.
Please note that I can not be held responsible for any information given here. But I see it as my job to tell you visitors
who this guy really is and what he’s capable of.


His LinkedIN profile can found here
Other people talking about his suspicious activities can be found here
A PDF file about him and his activities from the Maryland court can be found here

Please just do a Google search for “jean marc defague” and you will find the above sites/documents and a lot more yourself.

Anyway, my first contact with Jean-Marc was all the way back in November 2006.
I just lost my job and was seeking out on the web to find ways to make money online.
After some digging I found an eBay auction held by Jean-Marc with the title: EARN A MINIMUM OF $2,500/WEEK GUARANTEED – NO RISK!!!
Since I was a complete newbie I respond to this auction and we discussed this project.

For me to get this all going I was supposed to wire him $5000 to set this all up.
I also needed to sign a contract that stated I may never reveal the information that I receive to others, and there was a piece in there
that stated that I could be entitled to a refund if Jean-Marc didn’t deliver after a 3 month period.

I did a little research on this guy and while a few things were odd I was just so excited that I went ahead and made the transfer.
From that moment communication went silent and replies to my e-mails took weeks.

I then did a little more research on this guy.
Boy was I scammed!

It seems that Jean-Marc Anthony de Fague was the owner of
If you Google this website I doubt you find anything positive.

I also found more people who got scammed the same way I was or in a similar way.
Jean Marc also got convicted a few times for his scams, but somehow that didn’t stop him.
Here’s a document of one of his convictions:

Anyway, I tried to contact him for the last several years but he never responded.
He seemed to be active on the Internet, and I even signed up on forums he was active on so I can send him a PM.
But those also never got answered.

And then it happened!
About 3 weeks ago (9/30/2012) I suddenly got a reply from Jean-Marc.
It was if a dead person stood up…

He wanted to fix my problem but because I got him in court he spend more then the $5k money I send him 6 years ago.
So what he wanted to do was live up to the agreement and get me a site that earns me at least $2500 per week.
However… I needed to delete all negative posts/threads on the web that I have posted for the last several years about him first.

Well first of all, I never filed any claim anywhere in the world. So if Jean-Marc got in court it’s not my fault.
Second, I’ve heard from another victim he needed to delete his negative posts from the internet too, but after he did
that communication went dead again!

In the contract was clearly stated that I could get my money back after 3 month’s if he didn’t “supply me with the goods.”
He now says that because I asked for a refund earlier then the 3 month period he wasn’t able to deliver the promised site/income guarantee and it is my own fault the project failed.

This guy does everything within his power to give me the feeling it’s all my fault and he’s doing only legal things.
Well, when looking to his court pdf files, the stories on the internet and the communication I’ve had with other victims
I highly doubt Jean-Marc Anthony de Fague is a trustworthy person.

The downside of Jean-Marc is that he can e-mail very nice professional words and lines.
You would almost believe him in everything that he says.
But then again I look at my bank account, and I’m still missing $5000 !!

If you need any more information, would like to see e-mail communication between me and Jean-Marc, want to know what
sites he (has) operates , a picture of his house, or whatever, just fill in the contact form below.